Step by Step Guide on How to Write a Critical Essay

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Many students don’t understand the necessity of writing different types of essays during their college life. Whether you want to specialize in literature or you just want to obtain a good grade in college, knowing how to prepare and write a critical essay will be of great help for your future. Understanding the structure of a critical essay will help you develop critical thinking. Moreover, you will learn advanced academic writing skills and how to search for information in books and online. But, wouldn’t it be better to hire someone to write my paper? While this can be the easiest option, it doesn’t mean that it is the best. Mastering such skills will help you have a scientific conversation and communicate proactively.

How to Write a Critical Essay

Make sure that you understand what you have to write about

As soon as you receive the assignment from your teacher, you should start by carefully reading the guidelines. Once you discover that there is something that you don’t understand, you should ask questions immediately and ask your teacher to clarify the unclear section. In general, when you are asked to write a critical essay, you will have to evaluate a book or a movie. This means that you will have to know the text and read it as many times as necessary. If you have to write a critical analysis of a movie, then you should watch the movie several times and from different angles.

Take notes

Once you start reading the book you need to review or watch the movie, which was assigned to you, it is very good to have a notebook close to you. Therefore, you can take notes as you advance with the reading or watching the movie. Moreover, you can write down some questions for which you should find an answer while you go through the material. Once you are done taking notes it doesn’t mean that your work is done. It is very useful to look over your notes and determine which are the patterns which apply in your case. This exercise will help you identify the solution to the problem you have identified during reading.

Conduct a thorough research

There are cases when your teachers will ask you to use sources in your critical essay. Apart from the book or movie which you have to analyze, you will also need to find secondary sources. For example, you can use books, articles from reputable journals or magazines, or other trustworthy websites from where you can extract relevant information. Moreover, you can use your college library database and identify other reputable sources which you can use. If you don’t know how to choose your sources, you should look at the author’s reputation and his credential. You should choose only those sources where you can clearly identify the author’s name. Furthermore, you should look for the most updated information and crosscheck the information with other trustworthy sources.

Once you gathered enough research notes, you should start writing your essay. An outline will help you organize your information and keep a clear flow of ideas. Furthermore, apart from offering critical analysis, you should also try to keep your reader engaged throughout the reading. For example, you can start the introduction with an engaging sentence and stay away from clichés.

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