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Throughout the module, I have come to learn a lot about my profession, technical and soft skills that will help me through my career, and general knowledge needed in the business world. A key concept I learnt during my first lecture weeks was netiquette; I have come to know that there are key rules that one adheres to whenever they want to use the media to communicate including considered appropriate language and emoticons, returning message promptly, avoiding spams or junks, respecting others’ privacy, and always including a subject line. Through the module, I got the opportunity to understand different research methods important in academics and business world. This involved the key methodologies of study quantitative and qualitative methods), data collection techniques, and the codes of ethics that must be adhered to ensure research remains relevant in academic spectrum. I have also learnt about critical thinking and problem solving skills; one needs to be able to be creative, analyze issues, and interpret them in relation to the real world. Additionally, one should be able to solve problems by analyzing a situation, brainstorming alternative solutions, and evaluating and implementing the best alternative. The module has also made me learn about authenticity and uniqueness in academics; one must always ensure they avoid plagiarism which is an academic crime, by acknowledging authors of the work referenced.

The experience through the module has resulted in a positive change towards my performance and behavior at home and at work. Prior to learning, I never knew how to multitask, however, with the demanding module and doing my job part-time, I have learnt to balance my academic, personal, and professional life. With all exercises done in time, I have developed time management skills; this already helps me at work and at home in keeping my schedules on time. I have come to know how to conduct study; this is possible through the research methods and techniques I learnt from the module. I am already pursuing a research in my department regarding the impact of employee motivation on performance; I find a lot of ease in carrying out the study and collecting data. After learning about the importance of feedback in the classroom, I have tried to implement that at home and at work; I realized that my relationship improves whenever I give either negative or positive feedback.

My career has also improved diversely after taking the module. On significant skill I developed from the class is organizational skill which I learnt through the series of academic exercises I performed every day. I have, therefore, improved in my performance at work, always completing my weekly financial statements reconciliations at the bank faster than before. I have also become a visionary leader after learning how to create SMART goals. In my department, I am able to develop monthly goals which I have to achieve in order to improve my performance. The module made me realize the significance of feedback; I also utilize this in recommending my colleagues every day at the bank. I have realized my relationship at work has improved over time.

I believe that it is important I improve developing my knowledge in the area of problem solving and critical thinking. Although I know the procedure of solving a problem, I feel there is more to learn about the selection process. I still need to learn how one conducts cost-benefit analysis in order to choose the best alternative option. Although I am aware of the research codes of conduct and how to avoid plagiarism, there is need to learn how to paraphrase without altering words just for the sake of avoiding direct copying. I would wish to publish a book soon regarding bank management and employee satisfaction; as such, I need to be more generative in terms of ideas.

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