Five Best WordPress Templates for Your Blog

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Sometimes you think where to start? As for platform for posting your writing you can easily use WordPress with it’s simple features. This is your way to begin, read those where to publish personal essays for more reasons to choose it. Today every company, individual, group, party, business or organization is talking about a website. You can however not separate a website from a blog. A more significant percentage of people that do blogs do not have the technical capability about how it is designed, much thanks to WordPress the best open-source content management system (CMS) in the world.

Even better WordPress has everything you would want to incorporate into your blog. The unique selling point for most websites is appearance. A more attractive site could bring in more visitors, which is why you need to choose the best WordPress Template for your blog. We are free to share a list of WordPress templates to choose from as follows:

1. Typology             

If you a color freak and wish to make your website as colorful as possible then you may choose Typology. A good site not only looks but also communicates simplicity. Typology brings out an outright minimalist perception with its shade of colors, clear typography and peculiar white space.  It also comes with cool features such as timing the duration one can take to read a page. The template comes with amazing typeset theme options, homepage customization options, a discretion to add background images, slide formats, and a parallax-scrolling feature. Typology is known for its broad spectra of theme options; demo importers, branding, updater, performance, Ads, page, archive templates, and many others.

2. Smart Passive Income Pro Theme

This blog template borrows hugely from Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income website. This website template provides a reader-friendly experience. This website template also allows you to make money off your site. Smart Passive Income Pro Themes comes with about three preset templates and layouts. The template also gives you eight widget options to choose from your blog. Moreover, Passive Income Pro is designed on a Genesis framework and comfortable to use on any mobile or desktop devices.

3. Divi

The Divi template is one of the major varieties of Elegant Themes. If you want to do anything on your blog, this is your flexible choice. The template comes with multiple possibilities together with an in-built drag and drop editor. With the editor, you are at discretion to curate your pages, layouts, and templates. Divi comes with more than 45 content models, also plugins for your posts and pages. Moreover, the Divi template comes with a cool duplicator that allows you to devise an element and use it across every page on your website. This is among the most time-saving templates.

4. Magnus Photoblog Theme

They say a photo speaks a thousand words. Some people can do communicate better through photography. Magnus is the one template that allows you to get across your message through photography. The template is quite image-focused and requires you to choose the best photos for your blog to supplement your words. The homepage is a portfolio page good for your headlines and your images. Magnus also comes with a hover effect that makes your site look gorgeous.  The feature highlights a full-screen image at the top of the page together with text at the bottom when one clicks a post on their blog.

5. Hemingway

Before you can afford money to spend on your template, try Hemingway; you will love it! This template is simple and comes with a lot of whitespace. However, the theme does not come with multiple customization options. On the other side, the template makes it easy to locate the blog online.  Hemingway comes with a 2-column layout, a parallax-scrolling feature and a large custom header image. Hemingway allows you to choose from different blog formats.

By now, you have a picture of the best WordPress themes to choose from for your blog. Multiple other templates that can help you make a good-looking blog are available. The templates range from the cheapest all the way to easy to use templates.

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