Five Best Free Blogging Sites for Beginners

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In today’s world, almost every upcoming writer or anyone who wishes to sell their content online owns a blog. It is a platform that many people are using to share their sentiments or market whatever product they have. Advertisers are also taking advantage of such platforms to reach the highest number of people. There are several blogging sites that you can use as a beginner by just following step by step instructions. One may wonder if blogging is still the in thing in 2019. Well, here is one blog that affirms why we all should embrace blogging and one of the strategies you should put in place.

Here are the top five free blogging sites that are in the digital space

  1. WordPress

WordPress is the crème de la crème of blogging sites. It is one free platform that is superb for hosting long-lasting content. Many people prefer it because;

  • They can customize it to their preference that matches whatever content that they are selling
  • It has a durable strategy
  • Bloggers get a free domain name
  • You have full control of how the site looks like; therefore if you chose to monetize it, you are free to do that at your liking.

It is important to note that there is a difference between and This link seeks to explain the kind of difference that is between the two.

Wix is a blog site that is the best for people who are not tech-savvy. It is a common type of website for people who want to try hands-on blogging that does not require a lot of work. One of its common features is the use of drag and dropping of whatever content you wish to share. You do not need to know back-end to put your blog out there. This tells you why it is one of the easiest free blogs to deal with. It has a unique kind of design that can be used by either starters or people who are advanced in technology.

Here is why you need to give it a shot for this website;

  • The obvious first reason is that it is hosting your blog for free, who doesn’t love free things? You only need to pick your preferable template, and you will be good to go
  • It has great themes and templates that you are free to select from
  • You are free to edit your work even after publishing
  • Medium (

This is for any writer who wishes to get a large audience to read their work. You have to sign up for an account for free, and you will get close to 60 million readers that will read your work. On the flipside, with Medium, you are not free to create templates by yourself. All you will have to do is post your content, and it will be shared to the audience that is interested in your kind of writing.

This is a free kind of website not necessarily for writers but anyone who wishes to make money out of a site of their own. It has a profile that is similar to that of Google+. They all have different themes, great graphics, advanced colors, and some widgets. One fun fact is that it has an option for ads so you can make money out of it.

This is a kind of free website that has almost similar characteristics with blogger because of the ad spaces and Wix because it is simplistic for the non-techies. While using Weebly, you can blog and market your products concurrently. Any multimedia, photos, the word document is just dropped and saved as in Wix website. Additionally, it provides social media icons that you can use to share your article. A Weebly subdomain has storage of up to 500MBs inclusive of the ad spaces.

These websites are all free, but if you wish to have an upgraded version, sites like WordPress can do the hosting for you and you will have even better and an engaging kind of blog. If you are a beginner, it is advisable that you start small by using the sites for free before monetizing your blog. Work on making your content rich. You can get tips from experts so that you can grow to be better than them.

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