Importance of Marketing and Promotion

With the recent changing technology and rising e-commerce activities, online marketing has become a means by which companies strive to gain competitive advantage. For a fact, technology is taking the toll in the day to day life and activities. Social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, also have formed a platform by which organizations can conduct online marketing to their intended market audience. As a result, companies strive to establish an online marketing presence to cope up with the ever changing market.

The importance of creating online marketing presence is that a company gains the competitive advantage over its rival companies. Online marketing enables a company to sort out its intended market into portions or segments for easy penetration. That aside, notable companies, such as Coca-Cola, have been able to gain advanced market share through online marketing. In the year 2015, Coca-Cola launched a massive campaign ‘Share a Coke.’ The company’s marketing department ensured they incorporated online advertisements to publicize the campaign. The resultant effects of the massive campaign led to better understanding of the tastes and preferences of its target markets. With the aforementioned in mind, Coke’s consumption rose from 1.7 billion to 1.9 billion in a day during the massive campaign.

To conclude, the online form of marketing should be incorporated by organizations besides other forms. The reason is that online marketing has a wider outreach than other types of marketing due to its global aspects. On the other hand, online marketing is essential in the sense that today’s marketplace revolves around the web. Adoption of online marketing techniques would most likely guarantee an organization competitive advantage over rival competitors.

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