My reading-writing experience. First steps to writing

While reading and writing are interrelated in that one cannot write what they cannot read, and cannot read what they cannot write, each of these has differing experience. For one to become a good writer, they have to have read numerous works to understand how to develop ideas, present them, punctuate correctly to communicate the intended meaning, and choose words correctly also to make the work easy to understand. However, the more one writes, the more they write better and the more they read, the better readers they become. Similarly, these two have given me differing experiences in each on the areas, but, overall, my experience in both has made me better in both.

I trace my writing experiences back in my middle primary school; our school organized monthly writing competition. The writing was imaginative, argumentative, or descriptive. The writing topics were suggestions by the competing students, but the literature teachers had a hand in approving these topics. The marking process entailed two phases; one, the scripts would be collected into a bunch and then distributed randomly among the writers. Each writer read through the writing in the script that got into their hands and was expected to criticize the writing concerning several writing aspects. Some of the aspects that were looked into included formatting, punctuating paragraphing, vocabulary, and content development. After this, each of us would lead the group of writers to analyze and criticize the work while recording such remarks on the script. After this event, the scripts would be passed to the teachers who would check the scripts further and grade them.

The best three students would be awarded; the award was composed of a trophy for the best, stationery for the three writers, an organized trip to a place of choice for the three, and lastly, their work would be published in the school magazine and used in guiding other students in their writing skills. It is for this reason that I spent all of my free time practicing, using published such work, how to write flawless content. In grade five, I took position two twice. Then in the last competition that year, my writing tied with another student’s at the first level, and I was confident that this time round I was going to be announced the writer of the year. Unfortunately when the results came from the tutors, my script was second; a minor mistake cost me this. In three sentences of the last paragraph, I had used a comma in a place I ought to have used a semicolon, and in a place I should have used a semicolon, I used full-colon. This experience made me dig harder into writing, and that’s how I turned out to be the writer I am today.

My experience in reading has also had an impact on my critical thinking and also served as a primary factor that enables me to develop fantastic content on any topics I am writing. It can be traced from my interest in reading both fiction and nonfiction work. Both of these works have different impact on my imagination, critical thinking, and having fun. Fiction works introduce a reader to imaginative life experiences that are fascinating; one explores the world and different situations real or not. I find fun especially in trying to think what may have happened to a character in every episode. Nonfiction, on the other hand, gives me great experience in criticizing ideas, other people’s opinions concerning various situations and concepts of different subjects.

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