Factors to Consider When Writing About a Book

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When writing about a book, there are specific factors considered in which, lack of, creates bland writing about a book. These are factors which mostly constitute the makeup of a book. Therefore, leaving them out is an unpardonable crime. 

Most people write about books in numerous essays: book reviews, book reports and book essays. While most do it blindly guided by their knowledge in structure, a few people write them with the following considerations in mind:

Informative Introduction Paragraph

When thinking about how to write a report essay, most people fail to consider the importance of the introduction paragraph. When writing about a book, you make sure that your introductory paragraph is informative. It informs the readers of the author’s name and the book title. You should also win the heart of your reader here, by grabbing their attention using a catchy phrase to introduce your paper.

The Book’s Setting

Everything that happens has a location, the ground to which it happens. As humans have their homes and dogs their kennels, so does a story have its setting. The setting sets the stage for everything else that occurs in the book. There is no way you can write about a book without having to explain the setting. It is because their surroundings sometimes influence the events and characters in a book. You should be keen enough to state the setting, using a vivid language that gives plenty of details. The setting can be both factual and futuristic, don’t forget to add that in your essay.

General Plot Summary

The plot summary is where you describe all the events that happen where and when in the book. It is an essential factor in writing about a book as the storyline of the entire book is embedded in the plot summary. It shows the significant events that happen which define the story and have a lasting impact on the main characters. The themes the book presents are also visible through the plot summary. The plot summary gives you the urge to read the whole book and therefore has a major significance.

Main Characters

A story is not complete if it doesn’t have its characters. Most books are written to follow the lives of its characters. A book written to explore child abuse will follow the sad life of a character who undergoes child abuse. As you write about a book, be keen enough to point out the main characters. They are the characters who the writer uses their lives to unwind the narrative and explore various themes. The main characters also say things in the book that are of more significant influence. Everything that happens to the main character has a significance to the plot. Their role should, therefore, not be dismissed as they play a crucial role in the being of a book.


Every book is written with the intent of passing a specific message. The particular message may be through pushing arguments or presenting themes in which the writer wishes to exploit. When you write about a book, you have to pay attention to the character’s actions and if they follow specific patterns. You also have to note down what the character says on particular issues as those are the writer’s thoughts and sentiments.

Writing Style

After you’ve read the book, have a sit down to think about the writing style and language use in the book. Ask whether the book was written in a formal way or more informally and whether the choice of words is appropriate. It will help you determine the type of review you can write about, or even who to recommend the book to.

Writing a book isn’t as easy as you may think it is. But if you consider the factors listed above, yours will never be an uphill task.

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